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The Top 5 Things I Hate Hearing My Kids Say:

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It has been a long day.  Both girls have been sick, tired and hot as our AC is broken and taking quite a while to be fixed.  I don’t blame them.  I am hot and crabby as well.  We did have a nice morning (see the previous post), but the rest of the day has been a struggle filled with whining, crying and discomfort.  So, as I struggled to keep my cool with my kids today, I started thinking about the things that they say which drive my sanity to the edge of it’s virtual cliff.  So, here it goes, in no particular order.

1) “I’m Hungry” – Which in and of itself wouldn’t be bad, but it is constant most days, often within 5 minutes following a difficult lunch in which I couldn’t get Nora to finish even 5 full bites of what I prepared.  And, I know what she really means is “I want chocolate (or a cookie or ice cream or…)”.  So, yes, I get very tired of hearing this one.

2) “I had it first!” – I don’t care who had it first, as you are now both screaming about it, it belongs to me.

3) “I want Daddy!” – Which again, sounds innocent enough, but it is usually in response to something “mean Mommy” did and is followed by listening to them tell their father all about what a horrible troll of a mother they have.

4) “Watch Peppa Pig?” – I blame their father for their addiction to television.  He is a part time stay at home dad, which is good because they get to really spend time with their Dad, but he is also a TV addict himself and has it on entirely too much.  There are a few things I have sworn up and down I would not do with my kids and raising an addict to electronics is the one that I feel the strongest about and still fight for on a daily basis.  So, when I am home and refusing to turn on the TV, I get to hear about their deprivation continually.  And for the record, Peppa Pig is one of the most ridiculous shows in existence.

5) “Mersie hit me!” – You never know if this is true or not.  Meredith does tend to hit… we are working on that.  But, Nora also tends to exaggerate and is often the one provoking her.  So, really who do you yell at?  And they are still little people… heaven help me when they hit the teenage years.

On another day, when my AC is once again working… I will talk about the cute stuff.  And there is a lot of cute stuff.



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