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You Are Doing A Great Job

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This has been circulating a little bit on facebook today and I think it is worth posting here.  I think especially in this world of social media, we often see and read all the amazing things that people are doing with their lives and their children, because that is what the broadcast for us to see.  The reality is that those successes are only half the story, but most people don’t talk about the other stuff.  It sets up a false reality that we often feel we need to live up to.  I also know that those who have struggled with infertility often feel they are not allowed to feel the frustrations, because for some reason we think that we should just be nothing but grateful every day for finally being blessed with what we prayed for with our whole being for so long.  Bottom line… parenthood is hard.  And it is okay to not be perfect.  And it’s okay to feel the frustrations.


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