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I do not have a green thumb.  I love beautiful gardens, but I don’t have that innate ability to design them, never mind tend them.  I mean well, but sometimes even basic watering is beyond me, so forget the more complex stuff like fertilizer.

My husband and I bought a foreclosure recently though and the yard had been neglected for quite some time.  We have had to cut down dead trees and tear out thorn bushes.  And the front windows of the house were covered by overgrown juniper trees.  (I only know what they were because someone told me.)  So, while I am not a gardener, I found myself unable to avoid it as we certainly do not have the funds for professional landscaping.

So, my husband tore out the trees and I planted hydrangeas.  I knew I wanted hydrangeas, but had no clue if they would actually grow in this particular garden.  The guy at the nursery gave me a little information and I followed the instructions on the tag, planting them with a little fertilizer and watering them often.  I put down mulch and I even weeded the gardens today.  And I have to say… they are thriving!  I am so excited to see how well these beautiful plants are doing.


Don’t get me wrong… I still have no green thumb and I still know nothing.  I chalk this current success up to dumb luck, but I will say that it has made me realize why people like gardening.  It gives you a sense of accomplishment.  That feeling you get from designing and creating something beautiful is pretty satisfying.  It was also really nice to just be outside on a gorgeous day, focused on a task that didn’t require a ton of concentration or stress. 

The artsy side of me also loves the colors involved with flowers and gardens.  My all time favorite flower is the orange calla lily. They were the flowers in my wedding and I was incredibly excited when I received this one from a good friend for a house warming present.


The calla lilies are just in a pot on my front porch and every day I walk outside fully expecting them to have died overnight.  They just seem like the type of plant I will eventually doom to it’s death. 

I chose this particular bush for it’s interesting pink leaves and the fact that it will eventually become a good size shrub (or so the tag said). It also seems to be happy living it’s new life in my front yard… so far.


And while I haven’t seen them yet, the hydrangea bushes are supposed to be strawberry vanilla and lime blooms.  I would be lying if I didn’t say I am a little giddy when thinking about the day those first blooms will appear.  So, while I am by no means committed to this gardening business, I am sort of enjoying this process at the moment.  My gardens will never be the elaborate creations of magazine covers, but I am content with my simple one.  And my garden sea turtle makes me smile every time I see him.



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I am a married, working mother of two beautiful girls. I do not claim to be an expert at anything, but I am honest and try to keep a realistic and healthy perspective on life. I recently made a pact with myself to try to live as much in the moment as I can. I enjoy photography, cooking and seeing my children enjoy life. My life is hardly perfect, but I am pretty blessed.

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