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Sidewalk “Chalk” Paint

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Recipe: 1/2 Cup Cornstarch, 1/2 Cup Water, 4-5 Drops of Food Coloring

Tonight I decided to take the girls out and let them get messy.  I am not going to lie, playing with my kids like this makes me feel like supermom.  I love seeing them get excited about trying new things.  Some of my ideas are stolen from my own mother and my childhood and some are from Pinterest (like this one).


This was a lot of fun.  Eventually it evolved from painting the driveway to painting themselves, but I expected that.  The bonus is that the cornstarch makes this “paint” dry fairly quickly so it’s not as messy as it initially seems like it will be.  By the time we went inside, the girls were colorful, but not dripping paint and it washed off really easy in the bathtub.  This is definitely something we will do again.






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