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She’s Growing Up

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We took Nora to her first movie theater movie.


Sorry for the awful quality of the picture, but I didn’t have my real camera on me, so I had to settle for the phone.  I couldn’t NOT capture the moment though, because it’s one of those weird milestones as a parent that you don’t really think about, but that make you all nostalgic anyway.

When I pictured watching my kids grow up, I always thought about things like, first steps, first words, first tooth, and first lost tooth even.  And while those are so exciting and definitely memorable, these little ones actually get me on a more emotional front.  I think because I don’t expect them to.

So back to the movie.  I know some parents take their infants to the movies with them, (I don’t quite understand that), but we wanted to wait until we felt like Nora could sit through the whole thing and also that she would actually enjoy it.  She has only recently started sitting through full movies at home and really getting excited about the story lines, so we figured it was a good time to go.  And she did love it.  Monster’s University is not the type of movie she would typically go for… she is more into princesses and Barbie at the moment, but she loved the big screen, eating M&Ms and snuggling with me and my husband.  I think she also loved that her baby sister did not get to go, so it was one on one time with BOTH parents.  It was so much fun to share this experience with her.  More than I thought it would be when we made the decision to go.  And I certainly wasn’t expecting to feel emotional about how grown up my baby suddenly seems to me.

There have been a lot of these unexpected milestones lately, which simultaneously make me so proud of her, but also make my heart ache a little when I think about the baby that is no longer.  I also recently started shopping for her in the “girls” section of stores – she is no longer wearing a “T” size… tear.  She can also write her name, zip up her own coats and swam across my brother’s pool the other day with no help from her parents (she did have on a life vest, but this was still huge).  We have also paid the first quarter preschool tuition payment and she rode a pretty good size roller coaster at Sea World.

I think as a parent, you know that your kids are going to grow up and that it will seem like it was all so impossibly fast, but it doesn’t make it any easier.  But it is also so incredibly exciting.


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