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The Great Costume Exchange

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In the last few weeks, the Halloween costume catalogs have started rolling in.  Nora absolutely loves looking through these things.  She would dress up as everything if she could.  I think she will ultimately end up being a fairy (and Meredith will likely follow suit), but I will create our own version of that, because the ones in the catalogs are wicked expensive.  Cute, but expensive.  Last year she picked out a cupcake costume that was about $90.  Luckily, we found a much cheaper, but still cute version at Old Navy and she was just as thrilled with that one.

I love Halloween and I love creating costumes.  Dave and I used to really get into it when we were dating as well.  Our best ever was Jack Skellington and Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas.  But, we have also done characters from Kill Bill and the last one before we had kids was a zombie bride and groom (with my actual wedding dress).



But, I digress.

My real point in writing this is to address the absurdity of putting so much money and effort into something that gets worn once and is tucked away.  (As you see in the pictures, I also wore my own wedding dress again for the same reason.  Twice actually.)  And with Halloween, you do it all again year after year.  But, I love the holiday, so it deserves some attention.

What I wish people did more of was costume exchanging.  One of these days I am going to create a website where people can post pictures and sizes of the costumes they have and the only cost will be to reimburse the poster for the shipping to get it to you.  This is win-win in my opinion.  You get a new, cute costume for your little love for a reasonable cost and you get to see your own stuff re-purposed.

So all of that being said…


I have this monkey costume.  Worn by Nora when she was 11 months old and by Meredith when she was 1.5 yrs old.  It was big on Nora and a little short on tall Meredith.  I don’t remember the specific size, but that should give you an idea of what age range it would fit.  It is still super cute, warm and in great shape.


And the infamous cupcake costume.  Nora was just under 3yrs old when she wore this.  It is also warm, complete with a cherry hat and as you can see, goes nicely over layers if needed.  The fleece pants are part of it.

If anyone local has any interest in either of these, feel free to comment, email or message me on facebook.

And if anyone has anything for my two wanna be fairies, I would love to hear about that as well.

Happy Halloween (a little early).


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