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Glimpses of Fall

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We are in that transition time, where summer is starting to fade and there are little glimpses of the new season coming our way.

Fall is my favorite time of year, so these little teases… the cooler days that will slowly become more frequent, the beginning color changes in the leaves… these things make me happy.

This morning, Meredith and I went to a local park and we found this tree, with one beautiful red branch.


It was actually a fairly warm, muggy morning, but this tree was waving it’s brilliant red arm in defiance, promising more Fall beauty to come.

I love Fall because of the weather, the colors, the excuse to get cozy in jeans and sweatshirts.  I love Fall because of the feeling I get inside.  I get a feeling of promise and new beginnings… something I think most people associate with Spring.  I also love the activities that come with Fall.  Apple picking, pumpkin patches, trick or treating, hiking, Oktoberfest, hot cider drinking, corn mazes, hay rides, soup and chili cooking and simmering on the stove.  Most people love being outside in the summer, but I love being outside in the Fall.  I love being slightly chilly, when the air smells crisp.  It’s good for my soul.

I am looking forward to enjoying more Fall days with this little cutie and her sister.




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I am a married, working mother of two beautiful girls. I do not claim to be an expert at anything, but I am honest and try to keep a realistic and healthy perspective on life. I recently made a pact with myself to try to live as much in the moment as I can. I enjoy photography, cooking and seeing my children enjoy life. My life is hardly perfect, but I am pretty blessed.

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