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Monthly Archives: September 2013

My Happy Place

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I love coffee.

And it’s not because I am a huge connoisseur of gourmet coffee and espresso.  And it’s not about the caffeine (although that is a plus).  In fact, I don’t even drink it daily.  For me, drinking coffee isn’t something I do, it’s an experience.  One that makes me strangely happy.

I love feeling the warmth and holding the mug.

This is my current favorite.


I like that it’s orange and stripey.

For whatever reason, generally when I actually take the time to make myself a cup of coffee, it is with purpose.  It’s because I need something for me, something that makes me feels nurtured and peaceful.  It feels like a luxury.  And yes, I realize all of this makes me sound weird.

When Nora was younger and Meredith was a newborn, my most relaxing moments as a new Mom of two, were when I would fill up the water table on our deck outside and drink my coffee while Nora played and Meredith watched in her bouncy chair.


I will also admit that I love that I now live close to a Starbucks with a drive thru.  On my back to back work days, when I have little time to even pause to breathe, picking up my grande skinny vanilla latte makes me feel 100% better about going back in to work.

The other day, I had an hour of freedom while Nora was at preschool where I was able to actually go sit outside at a coffee shop and leisurely sip my latte.  It was heaven.  Pure heaven.  It was a beautiful cool morning and I had nothing to do but drink my coffee and be alone with my thoughts.  Amazing.  While I was sitting there, I also decided that coffee shops are like playgrounds for adults.  Everyone sitting there drinking their coffee or tea looked content and rejuvenated, much like I imagine playing at a great park does for young kids.

I do have the occasional morning cup of coffee, meant to wake me up, which is drank hurriedly and often ends up cold because I am trying to do 8 million other things.  But, more often than not, when I decide to drink my coffee, I take time to enjoy it and the world around me.  Maybe that is why I really love it so much.  Because of the experience I make it into.  It gives me an excuse to sit.

I love that coffee reminds me of cooler weather and Fall, which is something else that makes me immensely happy.

I love the flavors and frothiness.

I love the way it warms your insides and steams your face.

I love my Keurig.

But, enough about coffee… my mug is empty and it’s time to begin my day.  Until next time.



And This One Belongs to the Reds

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I am not a die hard baseball fan.  Football is my sport.  But, you can not grow up in Cincinnati and not have some interest and passion for the Cincinnati Reds.  I have so many wonderful memories of going to the games as a kid with my Dad.  I remember watching Eric Davis play outfield and listening to stories of the Johnny Bench/Pete Rose days.  Cincinnati is a baseball town.

Today, for the first time, I got to introduce my girls to the baseball experience.


Considering my kids are only 2 and 3 years old, I was a little concerned about how they would do once we were up in the stands, but they seemed to really enjoy the experience.  Nora cheered, Meredith danced, and both of them really enjoyed their ball park hotdogs dipped in ketchup.


There is something really amazing about making these kinds of memories with your kids.  I love introducing my children to the things that make Cincinnati, Cincinnati.  I love seeing them enjoy new experiences.  I love the way Nora looks around, taking in every little detail, (often running into things because she is so amazed that she isn’t watching where she is going).  I love how Meredith yells in excitement when she sees something that she has never seen before or that she decides that she loves.



And I love being together as a family.