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Afternoon with Nana and Nature

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Today, with Nana in tow, we headed out to check out the Cincinnati Nature Center at Rowe Woods.  I had been wanting to go here for a while and after spending a little over 3 hours there, I have to say, I highly recommend it to families and nature lovers alike.

It does cost to get in.  $8 per adult, $6 for seniors, and $4 for children over the age of 3.  There is also a membership option for those who plan to return often.

But, it is really pretty.  I have been wanting a go to place for hikes with the girls and this place definitely has that.


The trails are well marked, well maintained and have levels ranging from easy to difficult.  We opted for the turtle trail this afternoon, which takes a 1/2 mile trip around a lake.  There was a lot of trees and shade, as well as other things of interest for the girls.  The bridges were a hit.


We also checked out a very small portion of the Playscape, which is the park’s natural playground.  The girls found a sand pit and were quite happy.  But, eventually, I managed to drag them away from there to the stream and they had an absolute ball playing there.



Even Nana got in on the water play action.


There is a ton more here to explore.  I am really looking forward to going back with the girls for more Fall fun.


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