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Nora’s Birth Story

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With less than a month to go until Nora’s 4th birthday, I thought I would take the opportunity to share her birth story.  I have been writing letters annually to both of my kids since birth.  This is the first one.


Dear Nora,

What follows is your birth story.

                We had scheduled an induction for the 3rd of November, which was a Tuesday, due to the fact that on my late ultrasound, my OB was estimating that you were already over 7lbs and we were hoping that by delivering a little early we would be able to avoid a C-section due to your size.  I could barely sleep the night before the induction due to excitement.  We got up early and your Dad and I headed into the hospital by 8a.  They got me settled, started my IV and the medicine to get the contractions going.  You Nana was so excited she also was at the hospital by 10am.  I was really glad that she was there the whole day though to share the experience, as I think she wanted to meet you as much as your Dad and I did.  The three of us played cards and watched some TV while we waited for the medicine to start getting my body ready to deliver you.  The contractions weren’t bad, but they were definitely picking up.  One of the hospital OBs came in and broke my water a little after noon and per my personal OB’s advice, I opted to get my epidural before that happened.  The epidural gave me really bad chills, but once I warmed up, I was able to sleep for a while.  Around this time, you decided that you didn’t like the medicine anymore.  Your heart rate kept dropping.  It wasn’t enough for them to really worry, but it was enough to concern them a little bit.  They kept having me switch positions in the bed to try to make you happier, but it didn’t work.  Eventually they gave me some sugar water through my IV and put me on oxygen and that seemed to do the trick.  Around 6pm, I was starting to feel pressure and the contractions again.  They checked me and we were ready to deliver.  Once my OB arrived and set up, it was time to start pushing.  My OB was guessing you would be about 8.5 lbs.  It took about 40 minutes of pushing and some assistance from the RN at the end to help push you out because of how you were positioned and your size.  We found out later that your collar bone was broken during delivery as well.  There were a couple student nurses in the room to watch the delivery and I remember hearing them gasp in awe when you were born and that was how I knew you were finally here.  I will never forget the moment that Dr. Froehlich laid you on my chest for the first time.  You had a full head of dark hair and this squishy little face.  I cried tears of happiness immediately and couldn’t stop.  It was the most amazing moment of my life.  All 4 of your grandparents were able to come in once you and I were cleaned up.  You ended up weighing 9.9lbs and were given a 9 on the apgar scale… pefect all around.

Words can not describe how I feel to finally be a mother.  I am truly in awe of everything about you.  I thank God every day for the gift I have been given in you.  I am so excited for your future.

I love you,



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