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Dear Nora on Your 4th Birthday

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Dear Nora,

You are going to be four this weekend little girl and what an amazing year this has been.  Every time I think that there is no way I could be more amazed at the way you change, you surprise me again and again.  For example, once upon a time, you didn’t really like the swings and were afraid to go very high at all and now you will go as high as your Daddy and I can push you.  At the beginning of the summer, you were still learning how to pedal your bikes by yourself, but now you fly around the neighborhood on your big wheel and even ride a two wheeler with training wheels on it.  You also started out this summer, terrified of water, refusing to jump in, get your face wet or let go of us while in the pool.  By August, you were swimming good distances in both the baby pool and big pool at the YMCA with your face in, paddling and kicking with no fear.  You just decided you wanted to do it and so you did.

Your favorite thing to do this summer was go to the water park at Kings Island.  You like the side with the rides as well, (and even rode the “Beastie” roller coaster once), but I think your favorite was the smaller water slides and fountains in Soak City.  We also took you to your first Reds game, your first Oktoberfest and to Sea World, where you fell in love with the orca whales.  You now want to be a “fish feeder” when you grow up because to you, that means you will get to touch the orcas.  We spent the 4th of July down in Jacksonville and you really enjoyed the experience of the fireworks at the beach, which made me happy because that is a good memory I have from my own childhood.

Probably the biggest change this year is that you started preschool.  You are going to Villa Madonna Montessori and you seem to be really happy there.  You were so proud of yourself on that first day of school.  When we picked you up from school, you did inform us that you were disappointed because they didn’t teach you to read, but since then you have started to learn more about the sounds the different letters make, so I don’t think reading will be that far off.  You have also started adding numbers together and I was quite impressed at how well you were able to cut a circle one of the first times you used scissors.  Of course, you later used those same scissors to cut some of your own hair, but I guess that is a right of passage, even though it makes me sad to see those chopped bangs that you gave yourself.  You know the Pledge of Allegiance by heart and hearing you recite that is the cutest thing ever.

The other day, you were telling me how excited you were that you were learning so many new things these days.  I told you that it made me happy to see you learning and growing, but that it also made me sad because I wanted you to stay my baby.  You assured me that you weren’t going to get big for a while.  “At least 20 days”, you said.  And while I know I have longer than 20 days before you are grown, I do often wish I could freeze time and savor each moment with you a little longer.  Watching your children grow is frustrating that way, but it is also incredibly rewarding.

This year we are celebrating your birthday by taking you to see Disney on Ice.  Then, we will take you to get a birthday cupcake, as you still have an obsession for cupcakes.  I am really looking forward to your big day.  I can’t wait to experience it through your eyes and feel your happiness and excitement.  It’s been an incredible four years, sweet girl.  Thank you for making my life so wonderful.

I love you,



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