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Cold Days = Craft Days

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Winter has settled in pretty comfortably these past few weeks and the girls and I are definitely feeling cabin fever.  And cabin fever with an over tired Mom and two youngsters means lots of crabbiness, whining and tears (for all of us).  So, even though I am not one to jump on the next holiday this early on, I decided to do some winter and Valentine’s crafts with them today.  For their development and my sanity.

Today we made valentine “flower pots”.

Here are the finished products.


What you need:

Cupcake Liners

Decorative Take Out Containers

Pipe Cleaners

Shredded Paper

And the directions are really easy.

First you take the cupcake liners and turn one inside out so you have designs on both sides of your flowers.  Playing with the cupcake liners was Meredith’s favorite part.  She took it very seriously.


The you push a pipe cleaner through the liners, bending one end so it will stay put.


Then you fill the take out container with the shredded paper.


Then you simply “plant” your flowers and you have a cute little holiday decoration. I did secure the pipe cleaners to wooden skewers to make them easier for the girls to plant.  Nora wanted to tie them with a ribbon so they would look more like a bouquet, so we did that too.


The girls really enjoyed this project and it was easy enough for me to supervise without having to interfere with their process.  It was also relatively mess free which is always nice when you are trying to fit a simple activity in amongst the rest of your chaotic day.  They were very excited to show off their projects and to find the “most perfect” place in the house to display them.  I was happy to see them engaged and not whining for at least a few minutes today.



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  1. so sweet! could never happen with Graham around!! haha!


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