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Meredith’s Birth Story

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We are one month away from by baby’s third birthday.  No offense to fathers, but I truly believe that only mothers truly understand the bittersweet emotions that come with watching your little one grow up too quickly.


Dear Meredith,

It was a Tuesday and I was just over 39 weeks along. Because I had such a good experience with my first induction with your sister, we decided to try it again with you. I went in around 8am to get my IV and the medication to start the contractions. Your Daddy had to teach a class that morning, so your Nana went with me to keep me company. I was really calm and comfortable with your impending delivery, knowing what I could anticipate this time around.  The contractions were not bothering me too much, however, I still opted for my epidural before they came to break my water. When I was induced the first time, getting the epidural was not that big of a deal. This time, however, it did not go in as easily and it was painful. It turns out that my spine was rotated pretty severely, so they had to reposition the line several times. It felt like it took forever. It was fine once it was in though and I would still do it again. One of the hospital OBs came to break my water around noon. I had been told that I was carrying some extra fluid with you, but the OB and RN were surprised by how much. I guess the overall physical discomfort I felt towards the end of the pregnancy was justified as I must have had a few extra lbs of fluid in there. After they broke my water, I slept for a bit. Your Dad arrived and your Nana left to go home to help Papa Joe take care of your sister. Close to 7pm, I started feeling the contractions again and could tell I was getting close to being ready. My OB was a little late coming in to check me as he had several other patients who had gone into labor that day as well. He had just finished delivering one of them and had another woman who was close. He came to check me first as it was my second baby and her first, so he assumed I would “win” in terms of who would be ready first. Sure enough, he checked me and I was ready to go. It took 30 minutes of pushing for you to make your appearance. It would have been faster than that, except that you got stuck on my tailbone and it took a while for you to advance past that. When your head was crowning, your Dad told me that you had blonde hair. I was so excited about that! 

When Dr. Froehlich placed you on my chest, I could not believe how alert you were. You cried a little and coughed. I remember telling you to “cough and get it out” and as soon as you heard my voice you quieted and just watched me. You were so alert and calm for the rest of the time that they took to clean you up. Your Dad and I loved having you all to ourselves that first night. You were such a sweet, content little baby. Nana and Papa Joe brought Nora to the hospital to see you the next day and she has loved her “baby” ever since. I have already taken to calling you Mer Bear. I am amazed by how different becoming a mother for the second time has been and how you are already your own individual little person. It is equally as amazing though and the overall peace I feel as a mother now, having already done this once, made this experience so special for both of us. I can’t wait to see you grow little one.

I love you,



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