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April 26, 2014

Dear Meredith,

Three. Three going on fifteen, if your sassy little attitude is any indication. But, you are undeniably Meredith. You are challenging, but absolutely wouldn’t be the same without that feisty little personality. You have a temper and you are opinionated (like your mother). But, your smile lights up the world and people around you. Passionate is a great word to describe you. You are passionate in everything you do. There is no middle ground with your emotions. It is amazing to see how people are drawn to you. You make friends everywhere you go. We even had a complete stranger give us $100 to put towards your education when he saw you out at dinner one night around Christmas time. You have this way of making people feel special when you give them your attention.

You have a great imagination and can amuse yourself with your Lalaloopsy dolls for quite a while. Your favorite princesses are “Snofia” and “Tapunzel”. Your favorite movie at the moment is Lilo and Stitch, favorite cartoon is Peppa Pig. Your favorite color is yellow. You absolutely love yellow. I am not sure why, but it’s not just a phase… you are certain about how much you love yellow.

You also absolutely love being outside and will climb just about anything. You love riding your trike and throwing the ball for Charlotte in the backyard. We have discovered the Cincinnati Nature Center and it’s one of your favorite places to go. You are fearless. You started gymnastics this past year and you are also proving to be quite the athlete. Your favorite things are flips on the bar, the trampoline and the beams. You are even in the class without me now. We had your birthday party at Jump & Jacks which was perfect for you because you got to climb their giant indoor playground and jump in the bouncy house for four straight hours. It was little 3 year old heaven to you.

You are still a Daddy’s girl. So much so, that lately you have started insisting that you are a boy like your Daddy. You love wearing dresses, pajamas and playing with Play-doh. Your favorite place to eat is Chik Fil-A, but at home you live primarily on fruit. You gave up your naps this year when we made you get rid of your pacifier. I miss your naps. You are also potty trained now. Your sister is actually the one who was your biggest cheerleader in this accomplishment. She was the one who really started encouraging you to go on the big girl potty. But, once you did it, you ran with it… as you have done with most major milestones in your life. I am so proud of you.

I know that this next year is going to bring even more changes in your life… starting preschool in the Fall for example. Each day I watch you growing into such an amazing little person, but I still love when I get those glimpses that mean you are still my baby – for a little while anyway. I treasure every sweet snuggle and Mommy moment I get with you. You are my heart.

I love you,




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