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On Facebook, several people have been participating in the “30 days of thanks” posts.  Since today is officially Thanksgiving, I thought that tonight I would make my own list of 30 things I am thankful for. 

I am thankful for the following:

1) Nora

2) Meredith

3) That my children are healthy and happy

4) That Dave & I have survived 7 years of marriage, despite many different hardships and challenges.  There is something to be said for strength in the face of adversity.

5) That my little girls give me an excuse to go see the Disney movies in theatres again.

6) For newborn Hunter

7) For all of my other nieces and nephews, both legitimately and in my heart

8) For my job

9) That technology makes it easier to stay in touch with some of the most important people in my life, even when they live all across the country

10) For IVF

11) For my extended family, both blood and by marriage

12) For my education, and that it’s paid off (thank you Mom and Dad)

13) For my creative side

14) For my own generally good health

15) For every smile and laugh I get to see on my kids faces

16) For my home and neighborhood

17) For parks and hiking trails

18) For my colleagues at the hospital, especially when they are working the holidays

19) For my camera

20) For things like hammocks and gliders that encourage me to take a minute to just relax

21) For really good books, preferably from the library

22) For coffee

23) For Mexican food

24) That my kids have such a love of life and people

25) For bubble baths

26) For all days that are headache free

27) That I have things in my life that I am passionate about

28) For Graeters

29) For the seasons, all of them, but especially Fall

30) For the opportunity to be a mother



About sarah

I am a married, working mother of two beautiful girls. I do not claim to be an expert at anything, but I am honest and try to keep a realistic and healthy perspective on life. I recently made a pact with myself to try to live as much in the moment as I can. I enjoy photography, cooking and seeing my children enjoy life. My life is hardly perfect, but I am pretty blessed.

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