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The Zombie Ballerina

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I bought this book for Nora today.


Zombelina  By: Kristyn Crow

Is it wrong that I think a book about a zombie ballerina is a good gift for my 3 year old?  What does it say about her, that she absolutely loves scary stories, zombies and Dracula as much as she loves Sophia the First?

For the record, this book is cute.


It has catchy little rhymes, fun pictures and presents the zombie ballerina idea with every bit of cutesy that my 3 year old enjoys in her stories these days.


I have been a little surprised by how into “scary” stories Nora is this year.  She is her father’s daughter, no doubt.  I was anticipating that she would enjoy Halloween.  I figured we would watch It’s a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and make some ghosts out of paper plates.  But then her father decided a few weeks ago to watch Para Norman with her.  She showed a brief moment of hesitation when she asked about the scary zombies and why they wanted to hurt the people.  After hearing some reassurance from me about the overall character of said zombies, she dived right in and hasn’t looked back.

I know that there are a lot of kids her age who would not be as comfortable seeing and learning all about monsters at this age.  And I know there are probably some parents out there who think she is young, even if she doesn’t seem bothered by it.  I am genuinely enjoying the fact that she seems to get the stories behind these characters, both film and written.  I like that she gets so excited to hear more about why a certain monster is doing what he is doing.

Of course, all of that being said… these are the tamer “scary” stories.  The monsters we are introducing her to turn out to be nice at the end.  Obviously, I have no intention of popping in Halloween tomorrow night and seeing what she thinks of Michael Meyers.

For now, I just love that her nightly cartoon request is for something “scary and new that I haven’t seen”.  I love that she got so much enjoyment out of reading about a zombie ballerina.  I love that she goes out in the front yard and plays in the “graveyard”.  I love that she is Nora… in all her individuality.

And on another note… we painted pumpkins today.  I love Halloween.





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